JavaScript Graphics Library ( Draw and move interactive vector graphics easily in Javascript!


Here are some demo applications of JSGL.

Path Finder

Path Finder

Demonstration of some popular graph-search algorithms.

Created with JSGL 1.0, now runs on JSGL 2.0, which is backward compatible.

GAME Neural Network Evolution

GAME Network on the Iris dataset Learning the Group of Adaptive Models Evolution (GAME) artificial neural network.

Created with JSGL 1.0, now works with JSGL 2.0, which is backward compatible.

Binary Tree Visualizer

Binary Tree Visualizer The BinaryTreeVisualiser is an interactive JavaScript application that uses JSGL. It allows us to interactively study algorithms on Binary Trees.

Developed by Jakub Melezínek at FIT CTU in Prague.

Very good!


Binary Tree Visualizer

Find an opponent a play Reversi tournament online!

Developed by Radmir Usmanov at FIT CTU in Prague.

Registration is easy, there are no confirmation emails involved :-)

Modgen Run the Glass Dataset

Modgen Demo

Results from Modgen algorithm run on the Glass dataset.

Created with JSGL 2.0, uses interactivity.

Your Application?

Have you made some interesting application using JSGL? Please contact me – I can add you to this gallery!

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