JavaScript Graphics Library ( Draw and move interactive vector graphics easily in Javascript!

JavaScript Graphics Library (JSGL)

JSGL is an Open-Source, browser independent 2D vector graphics library for JavaScript.

It is designed for, and well tested on most major web browsers:

Internet Explorer 6.0+,
Firefox 3.0+,
Opera 9.0+,
Safari 3.0+,
Google Chrome

It provides a well-designed, object-oriented API for creating interactive graphics applications in JavaScript.

In integrates VML/SVG vector markup languages. However, the API provided is cross-browser, leaving all the hard work to JSGL.

Drawing interactive graphics in JavaScript has never been easier :-D

JSGL 2.0 Released!

What JSGL 2.0 offers?

  • well-designed, browser-independent API for working with dynamically updatable graphic shapes, such as
    • line, polyline, Bezièr curve,
    • rectangle, circle, ellipse, polygon,
    • raster image, text label, group,
    • general SVG path,
  • support for mouse events, allowing you to create interactive Web 2.0 applications,
  • tools for animation of shapes, and other utilities,
  • JSGL is FREE of charge and can also be used in commercial applications under the terms of LGPLv3 license.


Check the capabilities of JSGL in the gallery!

Getting Started

Firstly, you need to download the library.

Then you can check the documentation that will teach you how to use the library on your own.

Semestral Projects on FIT CVUT in Prague

For CTU students willing to create visualizations using this library:

It is possible to do it within a semestral project or bachelor/master thesis under my supervision.

Please feel free to contact me at tomas(dot)rehorek(at)fit(dot)cvut(dot)cz!

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