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Solid Fill (class jsgl.fill.SolidFill)

jsgl.fill.SolidFill is a simple class for styling the interior of elements.

Many JSGL elements use the class to specify their appearance:

By default, each of these elements obtain its own fill object on instantiation, typically defining some very default properties (color=“white”, opacity=1.0, etc.).

Method Summary

setColor(newColor: String) Sets the new color to be used for filling.
setOpacity(newOpacity: Number) Sets the new opacity of the solid fill.
setEnabled(enabled: Boolean) Sets whether or not to disable the fill.
getColor() : String Gets the current color used for filling.
getOpacity() : Number Gets the current opacity of the fill object.
isEnabled() : Boolean Determines whether the fill object is currently enabled or not.

Method Detail

setColor(newColor: String)

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